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Pyrodetector SPY-01 Pyrodetector SPY
The SPY is a vacuum-compatible, highly sensitive pyroelectric detector for the measurement of different radiation sources. It provides the performance of the MPY-01 detector while being significantly smaller in size. It is also equipped...
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Pyrodetector MPS-RS Pyrodetector MPY-RS
The MPY-RS is a fast and highly sensitive detector for measurements of various radiation sources. This further improved version of the proven MPY-01 detector enables the direct measurement of signals up to 5 kHz thanks to optimized...
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Pyrodetector MPY-01 Pyrodetector MPY-01
The MPY-01 is a compact and highly sensitive detector for the measurement of various radiation sources. The optical bandwidth of the detector element is extremely wide, so that it can be used as a terahertz detector and infrared detector...
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