Release of our High Speed Pyroelectric Detector MPY-RS

After several months of development we are introducing our next generation pyroelectric detector with increased performance and high repetition rate capabilities. This was made possible by a complete redesign of the interplay between detector element and amplifier electronics. Thus, a cutoff frequency of more than 5kHz could be achieved (as opposed to ~100Hz in our earlier model MPY-01). This eliminates the need for optical choppers and vastly speeds up measurements since pulsed light sources up to this frequency can be measured directly.

Besides that we further optimized the detector design - some key features of the MPY-RS are:

  • High voltage responsivity of 25mV/µW
  • Wide detection Bandwidth: UV-THz range, various window materials are available to satisfy the desired detection range
  • Enhanced Frequency response from 1Hz to more than 5kHz
  • External low noise power supply for continous measurements
  • Protection cap mounted in SM05 thread compatible to standard Thorlabs components (e.g. filters)
  • Compact size and easy access to all connections from above

If you want to learn more check out the details and datasheet here.
You are more than welcome to contact us directly in case of questions, remarks and inquiries.

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